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  • A truly blessing kind of company for one to work with. Although, there are countless benefits but biggest of them all is the comfort that is here and reason that makes me feel so happy and relaxed with doing things!

  • Yes it’s true that you don’t need a big capital to start trading forex. My broker is FreshForex, It gives me a 300% bonus on my deposit, so with $100 we can actually trade for $300 and earn profit. Also FreshForex has different platforms such as MetaTrader 5 , MetaTrader 4 as well as stock exchange heatmap.

  • FXGuru started the topic Some tips for newbie in the forum Trading Zone 2 months ago

    A few years back I was a newbie and I knew how hard it is to get into a profit zone in forex. The first challenge I faced was getting good brokers because there are lots of scammers back then and now. Finally i found FreshForex and it is the best broker i can tell. It has different features such as forex,stock,crypto and lots more. The most…[Read more]

  • From my experience I can tell you one thing that The exit in a good point is all about forex. Sometimes you may need to take a stop loss in the forex business or else you may face a great loss and finding that point is the critical part of forex business. I use FreshForex. It helps me to get points before and helps me to avoid big losses. It also…[Read more]

  • FXGuru started the topic Forex is fun in the forum Trading Zone 2 months ago

    Forex business is fun at the same time challenging. You must learn the forex first at least you should have general knowledge about forex, financial market and analysis. I have been doing my trade for a long time in FreshForex. It has a great demo account service with real time trading. It also has a 300% bonus on deposits, 120% per year on margin…[Read more]

  • FXGuru started the topic Broker regulation in the forum Trading Zone 2 months ago

    This is a must read facts for any traders. Nowadays there are lots of Brokers who have so many hidden rules and regulations. I advised all of the traders to read the rules and about us of the broker. I am doing my trades in FreshForex. FreshForex has no hidden terms and conditions. It has leverage of 1:2000 and it also has licensed liquidity…[Read more]

  • No it is not true that only professionals can make profit in forex. With the help of a good platform like FreshForex you can make profit being new in forex. I started in forex a few years back with FreshForex. I never get any problems. Yes, over the time I have learned so many things with the help of FreshForex education systems,…[Read more]

  • FXGuru started the topic scalping strategy in the forum Trading Zone 2 months ago

    Yes, as we all know that scalping is a trading style that specializes in profiting off of small price changes. At the same time it also can be a risky one if you are not experienced in so many trades at high speed. I prefer FreshForex for my (scalping)faster trades because FreshForex has Order execution time of just 0.05 seconds, spreads from 0…[Read more]

  • FXGuru started the topic trade knowledge in the forum Trading Zone 2 months ago

    There is no shortcut way of success in life. If you want to be a gainer in your life you must learn under a great gude. I follow and trade in FreshForex. FreshForex is a platform with lots of information, knowledge, tips and tricks. It has free training facilities for Beginners and also professional training for experienced traders. FreshForex…[Read more]

  • FXGuru started the topic Choosing a broker in the forum Trading Zone 2 months ago

    There are tons of forex brokers in the market some of them are good but most of them are really bad. I use FreshForex because it is one of the experienced brokers with lots of benefits. Such as 120% per year margin, expert advisors shop, licensed liquidity providers, more than 130 trading instruments, free and adjustable sms notifications,…[Read more]

  • FXGuru started the topic Trading spread in the forum Trading Zone 2 months ago

    Yes, It is true that spread is a source of commission for the brokers. There are two types of spreads
    1. wider spread, it means there is a greater difference between the two prices, so there is usually low liquidity and high volatility
    2. lower spread on the other hand indicates low volatility and high liquidity.
    Thus, there will be a smaller…[Read more]

  • The escorting industry worldwide is worth billions of dollars and is changing the face of things with the introduction of its innovative platform. This is a new platform that is a dynamic and live escort directory and it is very efficient. The platform links clients with the most reliable escorts and agencies. However, that is not to…[Read more]

  • One of the holy grails of money-making is passive income, and it’s one difficult thing most investors cannot achieve easily. Whether it is blogging, selling an eBook, or owning a real estate firm, these passive income methods are not all that passive in the real sense of it. They require your time, energy, and resources, only for a small…[Read more]

  • A good broker is something that is so important for anyone and everyone in order to succeed in a business like Forex. I myself enjoy it big time through FreshForex, as they are one of the best there is and benefits big time. I love the offering they have in shape of 200% deposit bonus, it is too good.

  • As a Forex trader, one thing that I have truly learned is that it is must that we make the right choice, as if we are not going to do that then we will surely struggle. I am always very careful and it is simpler for me through FreshForex broker. I love it with the low spreads, high leverage, smooth trading platform and my favourite cash back scheme.

  • This company deserves great applause for the features and facilities they provide. And furthermore, I love it because of the stuff like 101% Tradable Deposit Bonus, smooth trading platform and my all time loved stuff of market analysis.

  • FXGuru started the topic Technical tools in the forum Trading Zone 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    If we trade via technical analysis then we should use a technical-based broker since they support all the technical tools and for this FreshForex is a very good broker since they are using advance software-based platforms.


  • Today I just got a newsletter from FreshForex broker that this pair will gain more price within a very short time so if the America election got any negative news then this pair will fly too much.

  • With maturity, a trader always should use a reliable broker since if your respected broker tries to do a scam with you then you can’t make money so to get rid of this problem we can easily select FreshForex broker as they have all legit papers and have sufficient trust in the marketplace.


  • Fundamental and technical analysis is a good method to make money from the Forex market even you will be amazed that I do only fundamental analysis on FreshForex and now I passing a really good time.

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