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  • FXGuru replied to the topic Is easyMarkets a scam? in the forum Brokers 3 months, 3 weeks ago

    I can’t call any company scam like that since I don’t have personal experience. But their reputation is certainly not good. And it only make sense that we work with broker that’s reputed and can trusted upon for our own security and comfort. However, everyone has to make their own choices.

  • The best way we can make good money is via investing it into sensible place. If we go for such options then we are just not moving anywhere. I suggest Forex trading only. But it is must that we focus on education for it. And this is just what I do with help of FreshForex broker, especially with their educational setup which covers the whole…[Read more]

  • I try to work through every method instead of just one and that is because I feel comfortable that way. It’s so much easier for me via FreshForex to do that due to their system which is top class. And this is because of their features and also having something like Market Analysis. With having so much, one can easily trade with confidence and c…[Read more]

  • We just need to work through proper strategy and method. If we are able to manage that successful, then we will find rest of the things working out right as well. It’s so much easier for me with FreshForex broker. And another likable part is that there is low spreads, high leverage, smooth trading platform and even Rebate Program, which enables o…[Read more]

  • Absolutely important. You will be foolish to think that you could succeed without a supporting broker. I am with FreshForex, and with them everything is picture perfect with not just in terms of their regulation and popularity but also with top notch features. The thing that makes me truly cherish working with them is their 101% Tradable Deposit…[Read more]

  • Yes, it will indeed be a requirement of the future for obvious reasons as well. I believe it is very crucial that we work with companies that we feel comfortable with because then only we will be able to gain. I work under FreshForex, and thanks to them I don’t need to worry too much about such requirement, as I already get it with bonuses up to 2…[Read more]

  • The traders know about the Forex trading marketplace is too much volatile. For that, there will be a lot of misfortune into the business process. This is a fact of the currency trading business in this marketplace. Most of the time of trading, the traders cannot make some good executions of the trades. From time to time, there remains no good…[Read more]

  • Yes I do, and it’s also very much important too. I trade with FreshForex, where they have lovely structure to do with Market Analysis and several other features, it not only helps me trade but also gives me the kind of security and comfort that is required. It’s something that makes working so much easier for everyone, especially beginners.

  • FXGuru replied to the topic Bitcoin still a good bet? in the forum Cryptocurrency 5 months ago

    Trading in Cryptos can be highly beneficial, but it is obvious that we need to do it all very wisely and carefully. If we do that then only we will be able to achieve success and that consistently. I find it all so easy because of broker like FreshForex. As they are forever with me having small spreads, fast execution of trades, bonuses and long…[Read more]

  • There is no such thing as luck in realistic world of trading, you need to be capable enough to lead far and able to succeed. I find it all easy to do because of FreshForex, as with their support and help, it makes trading so much better. I like it even more with the conditions available with low spreads, fast execution of trades, high leverages…[Read more]

  • It’s obviously very crucial for us to understand the risk, because that is only way we will lead forward. And I do it so very nicely because of FreshForex, who are simply astonishing to say the least. With offer like Stop-Out Insurance, you can’t find any other word than astonishing. I feel amazed that I work for such broker, as with them tra…[Read more]

  • The most important aspect of a good trading plan is right risk/money management along with confidence. I have all this perfectly set thanks to FreshForex, with their 101% Tradable Deposit Bonus, it just simplifies my work and gives me highest level of comfort, which ensures confidence too. I also feel great with several other benefits that are…[Read more]

  • It very much depends on what we are comfortable with because everyone will say differently according to what makes them comfortable. So you need to decide what makes you comfortable.

    And for me it’s not hard choice to make with FreshForex broker, they are extra-ordinary having lovely educational setup, which helps one understand what’s best way…[Read more]

  • I trade with FreshForex and through them, I find it all so much simpler with their Affiliate program, where one can get upto 20 USD per lot size trade commission and many more such stuff, it just allows one to perform in BEST possible way and able to generate good and consistent amount of money!

  • To deal with the business in Forex, traders will have to prepare their edges. It is a must to do work for all kind of trading business. When you are working for the most volatile marketplace in the world, proper planning will have to be undertaken. All of the necessary ones will have to be included in the right trading edges. All of the traders…[Read more]

  • There is nothing like PERFECT, we just need to make sure we have a good strategy, which will be enough to lead us to benefits. The only thing I prefer having is quality broker and that’s exactly what I have with FreshForex offering No Commission facility to work with.

  • I believe it’s FAR better that we do something sensible instead of random, and that’s where I like Forex trading most, which is easier because of FreshForex, especially to do with their Rebate Program, which helps one get upto 20 USD per lot size trade, which enables easy working!

  • News is very important regardless of what type of trading you talk about. I love doing Crypto and Forex trading, and in order to make sure I have everything right, I follow up with FreshForex using their Market Analysis option that allows me to make solid decisions that leads to success.

  • The BEST way we can develop our trading is when we create proper strategy and work through that only. However, that is a lot easier said than done. I am grateful to my broker FreshForex, as due to them I have managed to understand these things. I love their 101% Tradable Deposit Bonus, it just makes working so easy and gives me the freedom to…[Read more]

  • I believe some questions are so obvious that you just know the answer! And this is just that way. It’s not possible to survive without knowledge in any work let alone Forex! So, we need to focus on getting that right to succeed. It’s easier for me thanks to FreshForex with their outstanding educational setup.

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