AA UNION™ Classic Fit Well Daily Use Particulate Respirators

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    Features and Benefits


    *The inner and outer layers are made of soft PP viscose cotton.

    Use Case:

    For daily protection against of air pollution and haze, the product could filter non-oily particles, such as dust, solid smoke, micro-organisms (like pollen, spores, tubercle bacillus or mold, etc.)

    Low breathing resistance:

    • AA UNION electret particulate filter technology for easier breathing through your shift.
    • Gives effective filter performance whilst lowering resistance to breathing.
    • Improved breathing ease and comfort.


    • Supplied in hygienic packaging to help protect the respirator from contamination before use.
    • Allows practical storage and dispensing in the workplace.

    Face and head comfort:

    • Ingenious 3-panel design that accommodates greater facial movement during speech so much more comfortable to wear.
    • Sculpted nose panel helps conform to the nose and contours of the face and helps to improve compatibility with AA UNION eyewear.
    • Collapse resistant; ideal for work in hot humid environments.
    • Stays securely in place, helping to provide a good, comfortable seal.
    • Large soft nose foam material and smooth inner cover web help to create a comfortable environment for the face.

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    More information:


    Whatsapp service Line (EU Office):+41787449588
    Facebook: AA UNION MASK
    Instagram: AAUNION_MASK

    Source Reference: https://www.instagram.com/p/CJlIdkYj7Km/

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