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    In this paper, we will be dissecting the new Cryptocurrency platform that trades without internet connectivity. The location, status, and internet connectivity charges will no longer matter. With the Call IVR SYSTEM Option, one can either call or SMS to complete a transaction. There have been delays in Cryptocurrency trading due to delayed transfer confirmation processes. Another big challenge has been the internet connectivity in some areas or the costs associated with it. The most interesting part of this platform is the way it transacts. It is very fast and incorporates everyone who has a phone. The funniest part is that a trader uses a Call or SMS to initiate and complete a transaction.

    The hard to believe part: It has been impossible to have a contactless Cryptocurrency transaction while offline however not anymore. Sending money in areas without internet connectivity has not been easy. However, technological advancement has bailed the Crypto world.

    What is Allohash?

    The birth of Near Field Communication (NFC) has necessitated the use of mobile phone payments and transactions to a specific Payment Terminal. The system came into play in 2012. From 2012 to 2015, had attracted approximately 53 Million users worldwide. As of 2020, it was estimated that the transaction value would surpass 314 USD. It is through these innovations that Allohash was born. A well-coordinated Call/SMS Payment technology that is linked to Blockchain technology so to say. It facilitates instant transactions regardless of whether one is online or not. No need for a bank account. No fees, and long validation or verification processes. The platform uses 2 types of interfaces, GSM and 3G/ Wi-Fi connections. It is important to note that this idea was hatched out of the need to offer a unique service that would tilt more customers their way.

    How Allohash Works

    The platform enables the trader to do Cryptocurrency transactions offline. No need for personal or Account details. For security purposes, the trader or user is given a password. Here is a typical transaction example, Send 0.8 BTC to +2547112254, and immediately a transaction is completed. Sometimes the Call or SMS can be used as an exchange or currency Unit. It is not complicated. Its tools to track and optimize all transactions. The token is also known as ALH with an exchange rate of 0.2 US Dollars. It is currently available in Canada and the USA. It uses area codes that you can as your wallets.

    Costs and Internet Connectivity Problem

    Even though we have witnessed technological revolutions in the Cryptocurrency business, it has not been without challenges. Even though more and more traders are investing in the blockchain market, there is a huge chunk that has been isolated. Those without internet connectivity, minimal capital, and little technical knowledge have not been lucky. Previously, the platforms available needed some technical know-how or use of brokers which increased the trading costs. Traders who were out of internet-friendly zones also could not afford to trade. Furthermore, the Internet needs an extra budget thereby increasing the charges of doing business. Time factor and flexibility has been another challenge in the past. All these challenges made Cryptocurrency trading an investment for the chosen few. Not using this new technology denies you several benefits such as,

    • Fast verification processes,
    • Instant transactions,
    • Zero fees transactions between its accounts,
    • Easy interaction with most known international brands,
    • A modernized User-Friendly Interface,
    • A control panel that allows the user to view, track, and analyze their transactions
    • A simple platform that everyone can use
    • A friendly and 24/7 customer service team
    • A secure and impossible to hack system
    • The application also allows you to sell your digital products or services

    The Solution

    With Allohash you can call IVR SYSTEMS or SMS to transact. In the past the only way one could trade in Crypto coins was through internet connectivity, however, now it is possible to transact freely and easily without the internet. The costs and infrastructure in some remote areas made it impossible for many traders not to trade in crypto coins. You do not need to be a technical expert to use this platform. It is ideal for newbies. The waiting and the transfer period has been reduced to seconds. This has made it possible for more and more people to start Crypto trading. With this platform, you will be able to do what has not been able to be achieved in the past within the shortest time possible.

    What makes Allohash Different?

    It facilitates a wider adoption of crypto coins by ordinary traders. It is effective and ideal for urgent transactions. More and more goodies are on the way according to the platforms team. It does not matter where you are, you can still transact comfortably. Since mobile phones are almost accessible to everybody, no transaction will be difficult to conclude going forward. Where merchants could not accept credit cards due to the slow verification process, it is now possible to transact smoothly. After conducting several surveys, case studies, and research, the developers found that users lacked information and tools to transact freely. This is what informed the development of this platform. Remember, you can still use the Web, internet, and other apps on Allohash. No need for memorizing or writing down Passwords. It also grants the user direct interaction with the concerned firm or company. It is currently offering unlimited calling minutes, cloud storage, and texting on Beta. The call quality is very clear. It also uses a smart contract, making it user friendly.


    The platform is still evolving therefore, we should expect more and more services, and products as time goes. Is there a better way to do transactions than this? With a click on the Call or Send button a transaction is completed within seconds. Gone are the days when it took days, or hours to get confirmation of Crypto transactions, thanks to Allohash. The good thing, the platform accommodates all users regardless of their status, location, education, and financial capability. Incorporating this new technology will give you an upper hand as you invest, buy, or pay for goods or services.

    Do you want freedom, flexibility, and time from your normal trading hours, then do not let the effortless opportunities pass-by.

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