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    Seeking for investments where you feel comfortable and secure? With the right platform, that desire is not impossible. Now is your chance to do that by growing your Ethereum with WOTA.

    While there are hundreds of investment platforms on the internet, the WOTA platform stands out due to its potential-profit sharing opportunity that it presents. With WOTA, you can choose to reinvest or accumulate your earnings every month or your capital at the end of your subscription.

    How does WOTA work and why should you join the WOTA app?

    What Is the Wota app (enterwota)?

    WOTA is an investment platform where you can grow your Ethereum with ease. For the safety of your deposited ETH, WOTA maintains a corporate account with Binance where the funds are deposited and utilised for trading. Therefore, your funds and transactions on the WOTA platform are safe and secure.

    What Are The Benefits Of Joining WOTA?

    Wondering why Ethereum enthusiasts are drifting towards growing their Ethereum with WOTA? It’s simple! WOTA is your platform of choice when it comes to reaping decent earnings on your Ethereum investment.

    Find below some of the reasons why Ethereum investors prefer WOTA to other platforms:

    Growth Potential: The WOTA platform is an investment hub where you can invest your Ethereum and watch your investment grow. Plus, there are no hidden charges or terms to affect your capital, except for a small 0.5% fee that would be deducted from your subscription principal at the expiration of your subscribed Amplify plan.

    No Deposit Fee: Tired of all the investment platforms that charge a fee to deposit your capital? Then give WOTA a chance. WOTA doesn’t charge users to deposit their Ethereum. However, only a flat fee of 0.005 ETH when withdrawing your earnings or profits.

    Referral Rewards: To further reward users for their loyalty, WOTA operates a referral program. If you can convince your friends or family members to register on the WOTA app via your referral link, you would be rewarded with 5% of whatever amount the person has profited. The referral reward is credited on a monthly basis.

    Safety: All transactions on the WOTA platform are secured using latest industry best practices. As a matter of fact, WOTA holds an active corporate account on the Binance Exchange platform where your deposited ETH is traded after being accumulated in a secure cold wallet.

    How To Grow Your Ethereum With WOTA

    Here is a step-by-step guide on how to grow your Ethereum coins on the WOTA app:

    Step 1: Download the WOTA app

    Download the app from the Google PlayStore or Apple Store. Install the app and register for a WOTA Ethereum wallet free of charge.

    Step 2: Deposit Ethereum

    After downloading the WOTA app, the next step is to send ETH to your Ethereum wallet.

    Step 3: Select a Subscription

    There are two Amplify plans on the WOTA app, therefore choose a subscription that you are comfortable with. The minimum amount of ETH eligible for subscription is 0.1 ETH.

    Step 4: Reinvest Or Accumulate

    The next step is to reinvest or accumulate your principal at the end of your subscription plan. Remember, the profits you earned would be credited to your wallet on a monthly basis.

    Visit the official website via From the website, you will learn everything you need to know about Wota (enterwota). You can navigate to the frequently asked questions section to peruse the questions and answers, should in case you have anything still troubling you.

    Alternatively, you can reach out to their customer support via Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram. The customer support team members are always on the ground to walk you through any stage of the process.

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