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    Trading Style

    I pay close attention to price action around the day’s high and low, yesterday’s high and low, tops and bottoms of trend channels (all time periods) for hints of future direction. When it feels right I do the trade.

    I expect to be right immediately when I execute a trade. The allowable margin of error is very small because the entry levels I choose are at key points. If the market moves even a small amount against me my opinion of direction becomes uncertain and possibly reverses. Therefore having close tight stops and limiting losses suits my trading style.

    When the price action accommodates I use trailing stops to lock in profits while allowing the trade to reach maximum potential. My underlying dominant strategy is avoiding losses. I do not allow a winning trade to become a losing trade.

    Bottom Line – Daily profits are unlimited. Daily loses limited to 1% of capital.


    Peter Parker
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    This is a very interesting way, but it requires a lot of experience and you need to have the ability as well since only then you will be able to pull it off! I do it rather smoothly. This is entirely to do with no deposit bonuses that are available nowadays. I love using it for figuring out these things, I get serious help!


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    I would like to hear more details about this. As which pairs this is suitable for or such details. Right now, it is nice reading it but this is more experience sharing instead of allowing others to use this.

    I don’t like to trade on high/low, as it often becomes random like, and that can be very dangerous!


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    I found trading with Pivot Point much better and beneficial, but the obvious issue is that we need to work out it with balance setup that should include right money management and all those sort of things, as it is what we are likely to find helpful for us especially when it comes to difficult situations. But if we are unable to do that then we will not find any strategy profitable enough.

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