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    Binatex is a new binary options broker which was established in 2015. It is owned and operated by Binatex group of companies. It is managed by Yulanta Business, which is an incorporated company in Seychelles. On the other hand, it is operated by Binatexia Limited which os incorporated in Cyprus.

    Binatex has offices in Scotland, UK, Moscow, Russia and Republic of Marshall Islands.


    The only certificate that Binatex has is from Financial Market Relations Regulation Center (FMRR) in Russia which is a whose sole purpose is to supervise the quality of services that brokers offer to their customers. FMRR is actually a non-commercial organization.

    Therefore, the company is not regulated by any regulating body not have even CySEC of Cyprus where the companies that operates it are located.

    Features and products of Binatex

    Depositing money
    For those wishing to start to trading with Binatex, you first provide your email address after which you are directed to a demo account with a virtual $1000. Once you have the demo account, you can now go ahead and open a real account and make your deposit.
    The minimum amount that an investor can deposit for trading is $10.
    You can make your deposit using credit cards or any other electronic method available in your region.

    Binatex offers 50 different assets for trading, which is slightly lower to the number of assets offered by most binary options brokers. It has 39 currency pairs (although only 20 appear on the platforms), 22 stocks and 2 commodities. It is unfortunate it doesn’t offer any indices

    Option types and Expiry times
    The broker offers limited options expiry times. Traders can only choose options to expire after 1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hours and 24 hours.
    It also offers the just Up/Down option types.

    Binatex offers bonuses of up to 100%. This means, if an investor deposits $30, he or she is entitled for a bonus of up to 100%. However, one cannot withdraw the bonus amount; it is used as a leverage during trading. Also, once you request for the bonus and you are awarded, you have to get a turnover of 25 times the bonus amount so as to be able to withdraw your money.

    Binatex offers option payouts of 70-85%.

    The broker’s platform is referred to as Binatex just after its name. The platform is a complete project of the broker and it comes with a number of features.

    For example, the ticker is in real time mode thus giving the investors to monitor the number of active traders and also the number of open transactions in real time.

    Also, on Binatex platform, traders can open charts on new tabs thus making it easy to monitor different assets at a go. The trader also has the liberty to chose between using bar charts or candlestick charts.

    The pricing is forwarded direct from bloomberg thus making them reliable.

    There is also a section where the economic calender is displayed thus making it easy for traders to easily follow major events affecting the financial world.

    Traders can only withdraw money using the same way that they deposited their money. However, you have to be careful especially if you had taken a bonus since it will require you to have a turnover of 25 times the amount of the awarded bonus.


    From, the information obtained from the Internet, Binatex seems to be a serious binary options broker despite the fact that it is not a regulated broker and that it only started a few years ago.

    All in all, reading more opinions on the internet, Binatex broker seems unreliable. Please post here your impressions about Binatex Broker.

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    Sorry but looks too much out of order for me to take them all that seriously. I feel it is far better and beneficial that we look towards a complete broker that I can trust and rely upon.

    It is bit too much to do if we are not with broker that fills in the way of simplicity. At least, it will not do it for me.

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    Thanks for the review. One of my friends had terrible time with them. Firstly, they were making call regularly and forced him to invest, but then once he made the investment, it was all downhill. Firstly, the conditions were a lot different to what was meant to be, and then there was also no support at all. Overall, it was just forgettable experience for him.

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