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    Established in 2009, FBS has earned the status of best FOREX broker in the region of South-East Asia. It has satellite offices at various locations, including China, Indonesia, and Malaysia and it is trusted by hundreds of thousands of FOREX traders around the globe.

    FBS makes money by charging customers on spreads rather than charging commissions. It offers at least three different types of trading accounts; Micro accounts for beginner FOREX traders, Standard Accounts for semi-professional and semi-experienced traders and Unlimited Accounts for seasoned professionals who like to play big.

    One of the differentiating features of FBS FOREX broker is that it is among those few mainstream brokers which offer Islamic Swap-Free trading accounts; hence, it has a substantial customer base in the Arab world as well. Apart from Arabs, it has clients from China, Indonesia, Spain, Russia, Thailand, Korea and Portugal.

    Another differentiating feature of FBS includes its offer related to ‘Breakeven Trading’ Insurance which is more like a guarantee on your payback.

    A variety of options are available regarding funds deposit and withdrawal and bonuses are also available for new joining and referrals. Lastly, its platforms are comfortable and easier to use than some other similar trading platforms.

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