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    Well, I might not be exactly right here. Solariscoin is not entirely HIDDEN; it’s quickly achieving the level that very few have achieved. In last one week, it has gained unbelievable numbers that reach over 300%! It is right now a kind of opportunity that might ACTUALLY better Bitcoin in terms of percentage of gains for the investors or say Litecoin which was actually the biggest surprise of the year!

    Solaris(XLR) is a fairly distributed and decentralized nature of Cryptocurrency, it’s highly undervalued as it stands now with only a 7 million dollar marketcap. But the thing that makes Solaris a truly irresistible choice is the Masternode system (that gives an 80% returns on the investment) and the XEVAN algorithm that is used for mining and spork algorithm. XEVAN is a proven algorithm to project against ASIC mining hardware.

    But that’s not all; Solaris absolutely keep up with making our security and privacy their top agenda. And for that their next aim is to establish themselves as one of the truly anonymous crypto-currencies, and for which, they will be adding Zerocoin Protocol as their Full-Time transaction Protocol in January, it will ensure all transactions are completely anonymous!

    Now, the next stop for Solariscoin (XLR) is KuCoin trading exchange! As they have already landed on the KuCoin Vote Listing that is about to end in next 7-8 hours! And, as expected Solaris (XLR) is leading by healthy margin and are kind enough to credit everyone who votes for their coin to be listed at KuCoin! While through their Telegram group, they are giving users ETH, so they are able to cast their vote for FREE!

    So now, you too can cast your valuable vote through

    Check out more about Solariscoin from these sources

    Official Website –

    Exchange Link –

    Social Media Links –

    – Twitter:
    – Telegram:
    – Slack:

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