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    Hi: Like to share a light in the tunnel in this pretty trade system. It is promising, it does not harm people with crazy losses unlike other systems I have demoed and it looks extremely logical.

    After years, this is still not the best yet and have been working on it every day since. As an intro, I am fortunate that I have passion for math and a programmer and passion for MQL has always been there, to get me out from the ruts, every time. Having said all that, this system does require some simple to intermediate math, better if you’re good at MQL, but not rocket science and complicated theories. I have developed this way of trading for myself, and I am calling for others to chip in with their own inputs and brains to make this rock solid. The more heads are definitely better than mine alone. Dont you agree?

    Before you go on, take note the following because it will make you decide better whether or not this whole thing is worth for you. The system, first of all:

    1) Does not require any indicators.

    Believe it or not, I trade without a single indicator on the chart. Seems outrageous but not the system. Read on if you want to follow. However, if you belong to those that just have to fill charts and EA’s with as many indicators, then I seriously advise you not to continue.

    I know most conventional traders employ indicators, maybe it works well for manual trading, but my experience taught me well that indicators esp. in robotic form, can be serious clause, if every switches or scenarios, not fulfilled well, hence I learnt to avoid all of them, altogether.

    2) Does not bother about reversals, trendlines, s/r, pivot/fibo, waves, etc levels and what not.
    Again, outrageously, I have learnt not to give a hoot to these things anymore. So again, if you belong to those that have to fill your charts with all sort of lines and levels, you might want to re-consider. Seriously speaking, not every system is for everyone, and likewise, this.

    Maybe its good time before I continue to do a stop-check:
    Do you feel like some trading nightmare, after reading this? Or do you feel ok?
    Are they anyone else, interested?

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    This looks pretty cool and unique. At least, I haven’t tried something like this one before. I will love to try it on demo first, as it is a common rule to practice out on demo and only if we are sure then we can good results. If we run away from that and try these strategies on real, it could take a lot us of us, so we got to be ready!

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