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    It is no longer news that businesses and independent entrepreneurs in Africa find it difficult to receive cross-border payments. Moreso, payment gateways like PayPal and Skrill have policies in place restricting Africans from using their platforms to receive payments, except to send payments. In the light of the foregoing, African businesses struggle to gain traction in the international scene.


    In a bid to revolutionize the African payment landscape, the team at Afripay is excited to introduce its payment services to African businesses and independent contractors. The mission of the company is to free Africans and African businesses from the shackles of the government and financial institutions. Moreso, traditional payment processors take days if not weeks to process payment transfers. Plus, they charge outrageous fees to facilitate payment. But with Afripay, the narration is no longer the same.


    Afripay uses blockchain technology to give African businesses a sigh of relief. Afripay also uses cutting-edge security measures to protect customers’ funds from the prying eyes of fraudsters and scammers. Afripay has a native token with the symbol APAY. Users can use APAY to facilitate payment for goods and services on the Afripay platform. APAY can also be used to pay fees on the Afripay protocol.


    About Afripay


    Afripay is a leading and decentralized payment gateway in Africa. With offices in Kenya and South Africa, Afripay promises to revolutionize the African financial market. The company uses blockchain technology to facilitate cross-border payments for African businesses and entrepreneurs. Unlike other payment processors like PayPal, Perfect Money, and Skrill, Afripay leverages blockchain to free Africans and businesses and Africa from the stronghold of financial institutions.


    Afripay parades a team of experienced personnel with vast years of experience in the Fintech industry. Among others, there are Blockchain experts, financial analysts, and experienced marketers in the team. So, if you are an African person looking to receive payments from your clients abroad, Afripay is right for you.


    Afripay Tokensale


    APAY ($APAY) is the utility token that Powers the Afripay decentralized payment solution. APAY can be used to initiate and receive payments between Merchants and customers in Africa, allowing them to transact securely with low transaction fees. The Token Sale progress is moving at a rapid pace, and can be joined through


    Furthermore, the private sales are making much bigger mark with generating 30,000 USD raised during the private funding round.


    More information at:





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