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    African businesses and entrepreneurs have for long remained under the shackles of the government and financial institutions when sending or receiving cross-border payments. In fact, payment gateways like PayPal blacklisted most African countries from enjoying their full services like receiving payment from customers. The payment merchant linked this to the issue of fraud and dishonesty among African entrepreneurs.


    On the other hand, financial institutions impose heavy fees to make funds transfer overseas. Imagine you have a supplier in China who supplies you raw materials for your plant to run, the charges you’d be paying as fees to banks is almost the same as the cost of producing a single unit of your product. This was the reality that most production businesses in Africa pass through until the evolution of blockchain technology.


    The Blockchain technology now enables payment merchants to bypass financial institutions and even the government when sending or receiving cross-border payments. While there are several merchants leveraging blockchain technology to facilitate cross-border payment, Afripay is the first to hit the African ecosystem. The mission of the company is to free Africans and African businesses from the shackles of the government and financial institutions.


    What Is Afripay?


    Afripay is a blockchain-powered payment gateway and the first in Africa to provide financial services leveraging blockchain technology. Afripay parades a team of experienced personnel with vast years of experience in the Fintech industry. Among others, there are Blockchain experts, financial analysts, and experienced marketers in the team.


    Unlike other payment processors like PayPal, Perfect Money, and Skrill, Afripay leverages blockchain to free Africans and businesses in Africa from the stronghold of financial institutions. With Afripay’s token, APAY, businesses can send and receive cross-border payments without hassles.


    Why Should I Use Afripay For My Business?


    Being a first-of-its-kind payment gateway in Africa, Afripay promises African businesses seamless financial services. Here are some reasons why you should integrate Afripay into your businesses:


    ●       Swift Payment: If you need to send or receive payments from your clients wherever they may live, you can use Afripay to achieve that.

    ●       Secure Payment: You must have heard stories of people losing their hard-earned due to security breaches, which is not the case with Afripay. The company uses cutting-edge technology to protect users’ funds.

    ●       Expert Team: Afripay parades a team of experienced and competent marketers, blockchain enthusiasts, and financial analysts. With the team on the ground, all the questions bothering you would be addressed.


    Afripay Tokensale


    APAY ($APAY) is the utility token that Powers the Afripay decentralized payment solution. APAY can be used to initiate and receive payments between Merchants and customers in Africa, allowing them to transact securely with low transaction fees. The Token Sale progress is moving at a rapid pace, and can be joined through


    Furthermore, the private sales are making much bigger mark with generating 30,000 USD raised during the private funding round.


    Closing out:


    Are you looking to use Afripay to send and receive cross-border payments? Then visit for more information. You can reach the Afripay customer support team via their

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