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    One of the holy grails of money-making is passive income, and it’s one difficult thing most investors cannot achieve easily. Whether it is blogging, selling an eBook, or owning a real estate firm, these passive income methods are not all that passive in the real sense of it. They require your time, energy, and resources, only for a small reward.

    One money-making strategy that is truly passive is earning from a royalty program. If you are looking to increase your Ethereum cryptocurrencies, then the Tecnieum’s Royal Investment Program was designed with you in mind. This post will tell you everything you need to know about Tecnieum – from how it works to how you can start earning rewards, and much more.

    Before we go too far, let’s find out what Tecnieum is all about.

    What is Tecnieum?

    Tecnieum[/URL] is a blockchain-powered application built for Ethereum investors on Ethereum Smart Contract. If you are an Ethereum investor, the best way to earn royalty from the underlying technology is through Tecnieum. The minimum and maximum amounts anyone can invest are 0.1ETH and 200ETH, respectively.

    Tecnieum has three investment plans:

    If you choose plan 1, you would be rewarded with 3% of your invested amount daily for one week. As for plan 2, you would be rewarded with 5% of your invested amount daily for one month. Conversely, plan 3 will fetch you 10% of your invested amount daily for one month. For all these plans, your invested capital would be refunded at the end of the royalty program.

    In addition, the only currency accepted on the Tecnieum ecosystem for both Royalty payment and Investment is Ethereum (ETH). Please note that no fiat currency is accepted.

    How Does It Work?

    Tecnieum is a platform that rewards you for investing your Ethereum cryptocurrency in their Royalty program. You can earn a daily bonus when you invest as low as 0.1ETH. Tecnieum has a sophisticated trading system that would invest or trade your cryptos for profits. You can earn a profit margin of between 3% and 20% daily. However, this does not include weekends.

    The latest withdrawals are displayed on the website for everybody to see, to lend credence to how Tecnieum works. Similarly, all deposits made on the site are also displayed for intending investors to see.

    Referral Bonus

    Tecnieum gives investors the opportunity to earn passive income through their referral program. With the referral program, you can invite your friends or family members with your unique referral link to join the Tecnieum ecosystem.

    Once the person you referred makes a payment, you would be rewarded with 5% of the total amount involved in the transaction. To get your referral link, check your dashboard and navigate to the referral program option.

    How To Sign Up On Tecnieum

    If you are ready to join the Tecnieum ecosystem, here is how to go about it:

    ● Click here to open the registration page to create a free account.
    ● Complete the registration form and confirm your email address
    ● Make use of your username and password in logging to your dashboard.
    ● Navigate to the “Deposit” tab and select “Royalty Plan.”
    ● Enter the amount of Ethereum you wish to invest
    ● Click on invest and confirm your transaction.

    Increase your cryptos by investing your Ethereum in Tecnieum’s Tech Royalty program!

    Further Info Below:

    Official Site: https://tecnieum.com

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Tecnieum-114552753791791/
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/invites/contact/?i=fjlwkxpgr1fl&utm_content=kc2mm0c

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