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    The escorting industry worldwide is worth billions of dollars and is changing the face of things with the introduction of its innovative platform. This is a new platform that is a dynamic and live escort directory and it is very efficient. The platform links clients with the most reliable escorts and agencies. However, that is not to state that is an escort agency because it is not. It is an escort directory and that means that it is not involved with the management, control, or employment of any escort.

    When you make a booking request as a customer, the booking request is then sent for onward processing by the agency or the companion. The other side decides as to whether to accept or turn down the booking. In a case where the booking has been accepted, the client alongside the agency or companion is provided the direct contact details which both sides share. Then there is a booking done but it remains strictly between these two parties.

    Eros Book has nothing to do with whatever occurs during the booking. It also cannot be held responsible for the conduct, behavior, or actions of the agency, companion, or client. The platform is an ideal one for the clients and companions. Clients can reach out to the agency or escort and get their booking done with just a couple of clicks.

    User-Friendly Features of Eros Book

    – By making use of a truly live search system, the clients can visualize the results of precisely which escorts are free and even the area where they are available. There is an easy-to-use system for the sorting and filtration so you can quickly locate exactly what you are looking for.

    – There is also another feature that allows users to leave scores, ratings, and comments. This also allows the clients to know which escort is the best choice. There is reliable and useful detail concerning any escort and the reviews are very trustworthy. The review and rating system in place gives room for the clients to also share their experiences with the escorts and the platform itself. It is also a way for them to contribute to the burgeoning community that is this amazing platform.

    – There is also a user-driven age and photo verification system in place. This system ensures that fake and photo shopped items are not allowed on the system. The accuracy of the images can be confirmed and that means that any escort that is booked on Eros Book is a real and confirmed person and the details provided are also correct.

    Additional Benefits for Clients and Companions

    With joining up the platform, you get to have unrestricted access to all the features that Eros Book has to offer. Those who want to function as companions on the platform can do so easily. Creating a profile is a matter of seconds. The escorts have full control of their profile details, images, and settings.

    Escorts can provide details on the rates and services that they are offering. They can also put their contact details alongside the payment methods. There are also in-application management tools that can help the escorts with organization, remaining prompt, and also maintaining the highest level of service delivery at all times. The in-application also allows the management to pay attention to the reviews while also tracking the profiles of companions.

    Initial Coin Offering (ICO) – Investing in the Future of Escort Bookings

    The crypto currency world is expanding fast and it is clear that there are countless opportunities in place. In this sector, an initial coin offering (ICO) can be compared to the initial public offering (IPO) in the conventional stock markets.

    By making use of ICOs, it becomes possible to get funding from investors who are interested in the offer. The investors in return get crypto currency tokens that are issued by the crypto firm. The token itself has some degree of utilitarian value or it can just be the representation of a stake in the project or company itself.

    Eros Book ICO and Opportunities

    The initial coin offering from Eros Book is truly innovative and sophisticated. It is being launched so that the platform is going to be able to serve the stakeholders in a much better and effective way. The funds raised will assist in rolling out mobile applications, booking systems, and crypto payments. The initial coin offering is still at its initial phases but there is a good promise.

    At the moment, the users can subscribe and they are updated from time to time regarding the development. There are so many opportunities in the escort market industry across the globe and the same applies to the ICO niche. Eros Book is changing the game by blending the two.

    The Escort Industry Fixing

    The escort industry is worth well over $120 billion but it will interest you to know that even with such awesome volume, there are obvious gaps. For example, there are no sophisticated applications that can allow people to find reliable escorts as an anonymous user from any area.

    Eros Book has taken it upon itself to fix this issue and that is what truly makes Eros Book become the authentic game changer. It is determined to unleash all the opportunities that remain untapped so you being an investor on the platform mean you stand to gain a lot.

    One of the moves that are making in achieving this noble goal is working towards an initial coin offering (ICO) and it is going to assist the platform to come up with the first of its kind platform where anyone in any part of the world can anonymously use the escorting platform.

    Final Remarks

    The platform is going to be an efficient blend of verification, payment, scheduling, booking, and every other process. Everything is going to be on the same platform and this will not just maximize efficiency, therefore, the need of the middlemen too will be gone.

    Investors can benefit from this revolutionary move by investing in the initial coin offering (ICO) whenever it is rolled out.

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