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    The Classic Respirator Series provides lightweight, comfortable and
    effective respiratory protection against particulates. The cupped
    shape, twin strap design, nose foam and nose clip help to provide
    comfort and fit over a range of face sizes.

    Features and Benefits


    The outer layer uses soft P.P cloth, and the back has a PU nose pad.

    Use Case:

    Protection against particulate matters generated during construction,
    mining, casting, wood processing, electronics, pharmaceuticals,
    material handling and sanding. Particularly suitable for hot and
    humid working.

    Features and Benefits:


    • Adjustable nose clip helps reduce eyewear fogging and ensures a
    better seal and fit
    • Two point latex free straps help to provide a secure fit
    • Comfortable, lightweight, off-the-face design


    • Reliable, effective protection against particles
    • Durable, collapse resistant inner shell
    • Effective removal of heat and moisture build up provides a cooler
    and more comfortable wear
    • Removes exhaled air and minimizes the risk of misting eyewear

    AA UNION™ High Performance Filter Media

    • Effective filtration combined with low breathing resistance
    • Consistent high quality performance

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    More information:


    Whatsapp service Line (EU Office):+41787449588
    Facebook: AA UNION MASK
    Instagram: AAUNION_MASK

    Source Reference: https://www.instagram.com/p/CK4ok_jg5WG/

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