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    This surgical degree mask is highly recommended for users who prefer mask with ear loop closures , and if you are looking for the medical masks to protect against dust, germs and other forms pf infection then the AA Union mask are the most effective solutions for such conditions..

    It can block body fluids, blood, bacteria and some particulate matter, and is suitable for medical staff working in general outpatient clinics and wards; staff in hospitals, airports, railway stations, subways, ground buses, planes, trains, supermarkets, restaurants and other crowded places.

    – Comfortable for all users
    – Effective in protecting against germs and other infections.
    – The loops make the masks comfortably fitting for all.
    – The mask is sterilized hence protecting against all type of germs.
    – Availed at reasonable prices.
    – CE
    – BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) > 98% and PFE (Particle Filtration Efficiency) >  95% (at 0.5μm particle size)
    – Differential pressure (Delta-P): <60Pa/cm2
    – Splash resistance pressure (kPa) 216KPa
    – Flammability class: Class I-The mask burns no longer than 5s after leaving the flame
    – Small pack wrapped to ensure cleanliness of respirator each time
    – Flat design allows for convenient storage prior to use
    – Embossed top panel helps reduce eyewear fogging
    – Sculpted top panel allows more room for eyewear
    – Highest level of fluid resistance according to ASTM F1862 at 160 mm Hg
    – Flat design allows for convenient storage prior  to use
    – Pleats help increase surface area for ease of breathing and flex with mouth  movement while talking

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    More information:

    Whatsapp service Line (EU Office):+41787449588
    Facebook: AA UNION MASK
    Instagram: AAUNION_MASK

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