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    Since the creation of Ethereum, the decentralized Finance movement has been at the forefront of blockchain innovations. Decentralized Finance applications are permissionless; anybody with a digital wallet and a strong internet connection can interact with them. A new concept that has emerged from the DeFi movement is yield farming. At its core, yield farming is a way to earn rewards as a crypto holder using liquidity protocols. With yield farming, there is no point keeping your digital assets idle when you can put them to work.

    In view of the above, the team behind RiveMont is pleased to announce its services to the crypto community. Rivemont is a smart contract-powered DeFi platform where you can lock your crypto holding and get reward in return.

    How Rivemont Works

    On the Rivemont platform, liquidity providers deposit their assets into a liquidity pool. Rivemont users can borrow, lend, or exchange tokens. These activities incur fees, which are earned by liquidity providers according to what they contributed to the pool.

    Benefits of RiveMont

    ● Earn Your Reward In RVMT tokens: The biggest benefit of joining the RiveMont project is that you will earn your reward in RVMT tokens. With the native token, you will continue to earn passive income even when you’ve stopped contributing to the pool.
    ● Rights To Make Decisions: As a RiveMont user, you have the exclusive right to decide the future of the project and how to run the liquidity pool.
    ● Transparency: Unlike other liquid mining protocols on the market, the team behind RiveMont is highly transparent. There are no hidden fees – what you see on your screen is what you get.

    What the ways you can get RVMT Tokens?

    1. Participate in the pre-sale
    2. Stake uniswap LP token for earn RVMT
    3. Stake RVMT for earn RVMT
    4. Buy on exchange (after listed)

    About RiveMont

    Rivemont is a DeFi Platform that supports yield farming protocol. The mission of RiveMont is to completely revolutionize the concept of liquid mining and utilize its power. With RiveMont, you can invest your cryptocurrencies and earn passively. Rivemont was created by a team of experienced cryptocurrency developers with a view to giving investors more value for their digital assets.

    Rivemont has a native token, RVMT, which is used to incentivize or encourage liquidity providers to continue to stay with the protocol. RVMT holders have the exclusive rights to participate in all the decision-making process of the project, including which projects to embark on and how much should be distributed to liquidity providers. Additionally, through the RVMT token, RiveMont allows investors to participate in a liquidity pool.


    Further Information at:

    Official Website: http://rivemont.io
    Presale Section: http://rivemont.io/Presale

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/_rivemont
    Telegram Group: https://t.me/rivemont_chat
    Telegram Channel: https://t.me/rivemont_official

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