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    ThisOption is a Binary Options Exchange, which operates in the Cryptocurrency Market. The exchange has registered a company in the United Kingdom with the name ThisOption Limited since June 2020. However, they have changed the company’s status to Suspended Company but still running the business in some ASEAN Country. The Founder of ThisOption is Mr. Nguyen Van Thang; a Vietnamese citizen though stated to be Chinese.

    Source: https://www.wikifx.com/us_en/dealer/5791869219.html

    For the clarification of their documents, ThisOption stated that the company acquired the insurance certification on WikiFX with the National Futures Association certification in the United States to protect users around the world. After the inspection on WikiFX, it can be seen that the insurance agreement is only between Mr. Nguyen Van Thang and WikiFX, with the insurance is valid in Vietnam for 3 months. Moreover, in the User Reviews section, many users report withdrawal issues, which indicates that ThisOption dispossesses the users’ property.

    Source: https://www.nfa.futures.org/BasicNet/basic-profile.aspx?nfaid=CdFC4Ioj%2B8M%3D

    All the diplomas of ThisOption Limited, such as NFA, are recorded as Suspicious Clone. On the NFA official website, users can not find any information about ThisOption as the standard members of the National Futures Association. Checking for the office of ThisOption, ThisOption assigned a Virtual Office in Canada under Mr. Nguyen Van Thang. He has the actual address in Vietnam. The proof indicates that ThisOption is a Vietnamese Exchange that makes up a United Kingdom Company with the official headquarter in Canada.

    In conclusion, numerous investors have required their assets and interests at ThisOption Exchange but have not received any response. Additionally, after many documents were exposed, ThisOption shows signs of defrauding investors to usurp their assets. The company used methods such as registering a fake legal entity in the UK and making fraudulent NFA certificates. The person behind all of ThisOption’s scams is none other than Mr. Nguyen Van Thang, who resides in Vietnam.


    For the operation team of ThisOption Limited, Mr. Nguyen Van Thang and Mr. Nguyen Van Luc are the official representatives in Vietnam. They claimed to introduce ThisOption Exchange to the Vietnam market on behalf of ThisOption headquarters in Canada with the CFD Services. Many investors accuse ThisOption exchange of detaining their invested capital without fulfilling its responsibility to return the funds.

    At the time of writing of this article, ThisOption has close their current website domain and change to https://exoption.extons.io. The next part of this article will go to detail about ExOption.

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