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    VaultSwap Revolutionizing The Crypto-swapping Ecosystem – Token Sale Active!


    Creating a trading account, verifying your identity, and making your first deposit on a traditional crypto trading exchange can be a hassle. It is not only time-consuming, but you would also need to create multiple accounts to be involved in different cryptocurrency deals. This can result in a headache and increase security risks.

    Using a crypto swap service that partners with reputable crypto exchanges is a better way for you to trade coins instantly at the best possible prices. While some crypto swap services require users to create a digital wallet before accessing their services, others do not have such a policy in place. One of such services is VaultSwap Exchange.

    We will be highlighting the activities or operations of VaultSwap Exchange, and also highlight their unique selling propositions that made them outstanding.

    But before we go too far, let’s find out what VaultSwap is.

    What Is VaultSwap?

    VaultSwap is a decentralized crypto-to-crypto swap exchange service. On the VaultSwap platform, you can swap your coin to another coin instantly. VaultSwap also offers high-paying investment schemes such as crypto staking, crypto lending, and crypto farming. As a force to reckon with in the crypto-swapping space, the safety of your personal data is guaranteed.

    How To Swap Crypto Instantly

    Swapping your cryptos to another coin can be done instantly on their VaultSwap Exchange. Simply follow the instructions below:

    ● Create a free account via this link –
    ● Complete the personal verify process and also verify your email
    ● Select the coin you want to swap
    ● Specify the amount you wish to swap
    ● Select the new coin you want to receive
    ● Review your transaction and confirm the swap.
    ● You would immediately see the new coin reflecting on your dashboard.

    Why Should I Join VaultSwap?

    Thousands of traders have decided to stick with VaultSwap Exchange for the following reasons:

    ● As a registered user of the VaultSwap platform, you can lend your coins to those in need and get rewarded. The reward is up to 26% of your deposit.
    ● You can also stake your cryptos, instead of storing them in a wallet. Staking your cryptocurrencies attract a reward of over 30% in APR.
    ● VaultSwap has a dedicated customer support team that understands the needs of investors. Whether you want to participate in the ongoing token sale or you want to invest in Yield Farming, the team would help you every step of the way.
    ● While other platforms charge users a token to swap cryptos, VaultSwap doesn’t charge a dime.

    Point To Note:

    VaultSwap is just listed on P2pb2b, and more listing are expected to follow in next 1 week!

    Token Sales

    VaultSwap has a native currency that users can use to access the platform. The symbol of the token is VAULT. The sale of VAULT is currently ongoing. The minimum amount of VAULT that you can purchase is 2 VAULT. The token sale started on November 20 and would round by on December 20.

    Are you passionate about swapping your coins for another? Then why not visit the official website of VaultSwap Exchange via to get started.

    VaultSwap Exchange – The Fastest Way To Swap Your Cryptos!

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