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    There is no doubt as to the importance of cryptocurrencies in the global economy and one of the areas where digital currencies have found useful applications is that of healthcare. Xeron Care[/URL] is a system that is composed of the following:

    Protocol: This is a Personal Health Record that utilizes the sophisticated technological features that can be deployed and controlled by the patient.

    Coin: Known as the Xeron (XRX), this is what will drive the entire system.

    Software Application: Available in the public domain, the essence of Xeron Care is to ensure that a water-tight transactional layer is integrated with healthcare systems in a way that is of maximum benefit to the patients. For instance, it becomes a lot easier for doctors to gain access to records of the patients thus allowing for more efficient delivery of medical services. Hence, Xeron Care allows for stress-free accessibility and the rising transferability of patient files.

    Xeron Care – The Patient-Oriented Application

    The main purpose of the brains behind Xeron Care is to ensure that all government hospitals are able to easily reach the digital medical records and at the end of it all, the global health system will be truly centralized.

    The application has been designed in such a way that separate medical records scattered all over in different sites can all be integrated together and centralized as vast electronic medical records database systems. Such systems allow for a reliable and steady stream of patient details and that is exactly the principal objective of the application.

    The designers are focused on establishing a more trustworthy experience for both the patient and the caregiver, particularly for medical officers who have to move around and work from one medical center to another.

    With the Xeron Care DAPP platform in place, it becomes easy to facilitate the analytics of data in place. Data models can then be upgraded so anyone can access and use them from any part of the globe – this is digital healthcare management at its best.

    Comprehensive Token Offers

    In order to drive the entire ecosystem, the Xeron Care token has been launched and it runs on the Bitcoin and Ethereum systems. It has been designed to perfectly blend with several third-party services, exchanges, wallets and integrating with other features come easy.

    Distribution of the tokens is done via tokens presale rounds, bonus fund, bounties, project team, partners/advisers and core phase of tokens sale. The proceeds are also deployed into several areas like an upgrade of applications, token buyback after exchange launch, branding and marketing, team maintenance alongside bounty and overhead.

    The Working Product:

    There are many aspects that set’s Xeron Care from others but the biggest advantage is having a working product. It makes the potential even higher for Xeron Care and here’s more information available https://xeroncare-app.netlify.com/

    Airdrop Campaign:

    You can also join Xeron Care’s Official Airdrop through the below registration form:

    There is also going to be Lucky Draw with winner getting upto 1 ETH and 10000 USD worth Xeron Care token!

    Further Info Here: http://xeroncare.com/

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