xHumanity Announces Listing At BiKi Exchange On 19th April 2021

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    With the Rapid growth in Crypto industry, xHumanity too aims for the piece of cake, the team announces the new listing at BiKi exchange.


    BiKi will list extraDNA (XDNA) on their digital assets platform on 19th April, 2021. The following trading pair will be available: XDNA/USDT. Please note the available dates for different functions below:


    Schedule for Functions Opening


    1. Opening time for deposit: 4/19, 15:00 (GMT +8)

    2. Opening time for trading: 4/19, 20:00 (GMT +8)

    3. Opening time for withdrawal: 4/20, 15:00 (GMT +8)




    Coin Info


    Token Name: extraDNA

    Token Symbol: XDNA

    Token Type: ERC20

    Total Supply: 11,000,000,000 XDNA

    Circulating Supply:  1,890,741,037 XDNA


    Prior to now, xHumanity has already been listed on a number of exchanges, including BitMart, Probit, EMISWAP, UNISWAP, and PancakeSwap.


    In recent times, xHumanity has gained tremendous traction compared to other blockchain-powered projects that started the same time with it.


    The mandate of xHumanity is to revolutionize the present day social media landscape. With intend to achieve this by reinventing human values and algorithms to create a better and transparent social community where each member would be able to vote on the direction of the project.


    About xHumanity


    xHumanity is a blockchain-powered social community developed to empower individuals and businesses to fully take advantage of social media networking. Users on the xHumanity platform can freely air their views, network with like-minded people from across the world, and associate with public figures.


    xHumanity directly connects to centralized social networking platforms like Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Investors looking for where to earn a decent ROI can farm, lend, and stake their capital to earn xDNA tokens.


    More Information at: https://xhumanity.org/


    Twitter: https://twitter.com/xHumanity1

    Telegram: https://t.me/xHumanity

    Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/xhumanity/

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/xHumanityofficial

    Explorer: https://etherscan.io/token/0x8e57c27761EBBd381b0f9d09Bb92CeB51a358AbB

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