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  • It is very tough to control emotions here as when you will enter into profit then you will feel that have to close the position even when you entered into loss then you will fell not to close. It’s really true as it happened when I started my career with FreshForex broker but yes now I don’t feel like that way.

  • To enter into Forex trading my personal view is not to invest with the real market as Forex is always a double edge sword so you cant make money without having proper knowledge so in that case, just two simple things can help you much those have to learn from the biggest blog site and have to start a demo practice that you might get from…[Read more]

  • Forex is really a lucrative business so from here if anyone has a good experience then he can make lots of money and on the other hand, others can destroy himself easily. I started my journey with another broker in 2012 but after a couple of years that broker went away so next, I joined with FreshForex where I am regularly making around 100 USD.

  • Leverage has both merits and demerits so it absolutely depends on traders’ nature like if a trader want to make within short time then he should try for high leverage and now many brokers are offering high leverage where I just know that FreshForex is offering 1:2000 leverage for their investor.

  • Scalping is just a short term strategy to make the money where most scalpers use a minute chart or maximum five minutes chart. However, a scalper always should use fast execution broker as they mostly do to fast trading and in that case, FreshForex is really a good broker since their execution is like electricity

  • Not sure I have seen a better broker than this. It is easily amongst the best there is and something that gives you the comfort to do things well. I am grateful that I am working with such broker.

  • Copper? why you will invest here as most broker takes too much spread for this item even its not fluctuate good so don’t go with this item. Instead, you can try gold silver and oil also if you invest in copper then the broker will play the game with you so it won’t be good to use copper.

  • First of all, don’t go broker education section to get knowledge for the market as they always try to grab people by their lucrative writing so to get a good idea I recommend to use top books and forum sites even you can use type websites as they are much very popular.

  • FXGuru started the topic Fast payment in the forum Beginners Forum 2 months, 1 week ago

    Instant payment is very essential in forex market like when you face bottom-line margin in your trading then you can save your money by depositing more money and if it takes too much time then there is no point to involve in this market so which is why everyone wants instant payout and for that, I think FreshForex is really good cause you can do…[Read more]

  • I did not try many brokers to trade forex because I have found FreshForex and for a long time, I am still I am with them and in the meantime, I did not get any bad experience with this broker. I hope they continue in same way which will help a lot in so many ways.

  • I am working with a great broker called FreshForex where I can see all services are absolutely great especially their 101% usable deposit bonuses so in short I am happy now with my current broker and it has helped me forget all troubles that I had in past and has made me extremely comfortable and easy with doing things.

  • I have tried a lot of brokers to add my Payoneer card but unfortunately, they did not accept my MasterCard and then I went to FreshForex where I found them accepted my MasterCard so still I am using their services cause as a freelancer we mostly get Payoneer so it’s very hard if any broker does not support this method.

  • I am trading with FreshForex broker then I found one outstanding feature that’s 101% usable deposit bonus and maybe still this facility are running on their broker, so that makes it very special broker to work with.

  • I will start to apply the method to my FreshForex broker so hope I will much more benefit from this. BTW, I have one question that can I follow a daily price chart action strategy like when I will see the price movement then I will try to catch that. waiting for your response.

  • To be honest I am much happier with my FreshForex trading platform since its very fast to download and I can add my desired pairs from “click to add” option where it’s possible on with writing but when I used other then I did not find this even on the chart board I always find the Auto trade option.

  • Though I know about options trading on my Freshforex broker I did not try this since I saw Forex is much easier than option even I found spread is too low here so I decided to stay on the exchange market but yes if anyone wishes they can do options trading but for my personal recommendation Forex is easier than options so now it’s your choice only.

  • So far I have been trading with FreshForex broker I did not use any software type strategy since I believe they don’t work in Forex market but yes I believe on fundamental and technical strategy as they are very much trustworthy so guys if you really want to gain then do fundamental analysis as much as you as otherwise, you might fall in the…[Read more]

  • If you do Forex an investment then obviously you will be here for a living but if you do like a scalper then you might not stay here much time since you will definitely lose all at a time because no better cant be a winner even if you are with a bad broker then you cant gain for sure so for living by trading forex always keep the high margin and…[Read more]

  • I don’t think I have seen any broker that is as comfortable as this because not only they have all top features but the safety and security is also fully on the mark, which makes it standout for me.

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    We are incredibly excited to announce a new Phemex Video Competition!

    The goal is for our users to create a video of any length about our products or services.

    There will be a total prize pool of up to 1 BTC or 10,000 USD.

    Duration of the competition is from 8th June 2020 to 10th August 2020.

    W…[Read more]

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