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  • Frankly speaking, trading is for sure enjoyable but it often is very challenging and that’s what we have to cover up. I am able to enjoy it to fullest thanks to FreshForex and their mighty offerings. It whether to do with the regulation aspect and comfort or it is to do with the top notch features and facilities. It’s all picture perfect and the…[Read more]

  • In something as massive as Forex, you have to put down a safety line for yourself to avoid unnecessary and unwanted situations. And this is exactly what I do easily and smoothly via FreshForex. It’s one of the best companies out there with having so many benefits for one to work through. The biggest help is their low spreads, high leverages, b…[Read more]

  • When we talk about scalping, it’s a method that’s so very cool yet it is equally risky and dangerous as well. So what approach do you use and believe that it could be your major weapon in scalping? I believe speed and confidence are two very important aspects for anyone to succeed through. The best part for me is my broker FreshForex, esp…[Read more]

  • Starting up our day as traders, it is so important to follow a good and solid pattern, as there is no way we are to succeed without the right approach. This is where it feels so good with FreshForex, who are so amazing to do with having all facilities and features, which counts from low spreads, to high leverages, bonuses and a lot more. The ideal…[Read more]

  • When I got interest into Forex, I did not had too much knowledge and I did not even bother about it. And that was something that brought pretty big losses for me. This is where I thought that my approach is wrong and knowledge is important, it’s that then I moved towards education and thanks to FreshForex, it all has worked wonders for me b…[Read more]

  • We all get the idea of being unique in the whole human species. There can be hardly any proof of that kind of concept nowadays. There will be some sort of dissimilarities in the thinking process among you and the others. That is the thing which will make us unique. But we are not here to talk about our positions. Today’s article is about making t…[Read more]

  • It is good to trade in the currency platform because there are more chances to get some good signals. The traders may think about the volatilities will not let them manage some proper signals in the business. Well, that is true in all of the senses. The right performance in the business will require some proper management of the trades. The…[Read more]

  • Frankly speaking, I am no expert when it comes to mathematics, but I do know the importance of it. And this is where I feel comfortable due to, a truly classic site via which not only I keep up with my mathematics but also able to work with greater level of comfort and easy.

    With getting Euro currency move almost instantly, it also…[Read more]

  • To make some good income in the business of currency trading, we all have to think right. It is the necessary elements which can give you such a good business. And from time to time, the trading mind also has to be right for the business. And that will be totally on your solder to make such a good performance happening. We are talking about the…[Read more]

  • It is very important for us to think properly before trading, as there is no way we will be able to perform IF we are not careful with our approach. I am always very careful, and it’s easier with FreshForex. They have brilliant Rebate program, where I can get upto 20 USD per lot size trade, and that even if lost, so that makes it all so very cool!

  • We have to be extremely careful with using any strategy, as it is the only way we will be able to do well and achieve better results. I work with FreshForex, through which it’s highly helpful for me to work smoothly and benefit from. The best part about them is their magnificent 101% Tradable Deposit Bonus which gives much needed boost to me.

  • FXGuru replied to the topic Who uses Fundamentals ? in the forum Trading Zone 1 month ago

    Anyone with common sense uses it and not just fundamental analysis, but any type of analysis. It is just impossible for anyone to be successful if analysing is not done properly.

    And it should be for all types not just one specific way, as that’s only way success will be possible. I do it a lot easier with FreshForex, using their Market A…[Read more]

  • The biggest problem for newbies is that many brokers are scam, so it is must that we avoid working with such companies. A good selection in terms of the broker we work with moves long way towards favourable outcome. I have faced scam due to companies like Nova FX and Instaforex, so we must be careful of not repeating.

  • How well we analysis the market contributes great deal to the ultimate results when it comes to trading. I am able to move this up nicely with FreshForex, due to their Market Analysis, which is really helpful and allows one to perform well to benefit. I feel great with it because of how accurate and easy to use it is.

  • My tip will be to try avoiding anything fancy. We will be able to gain results in our favour by simply doing things based around common sense. I do very much that, and it’s easier thanks to FreshForex, who are awesome with having low spreads, to high leverage and the best part is their 101% Tradable Deposit Bonus.

  • I don’t like using indicators along, as you have to analysis the market accurately as well. This is what I do and find a lot easier to do because of FreshForex. It’s thanks to the outstanding setup that’s here which includes Market Analysis, so it helps me get on with right direction and eventually able to make good and consistent money.

  • We should not try too many strategies, it should be purely be about a quality strategy and it will get us good results. I keep it simple, which helps when you have a broker like FreshForex. As thanks to them, I am able to work well given their Rebate program, which gives me upto 20 USD per lot size trade, which is even if the trade is lost.

  • This is something you have to learn and it’s not hard. I am currently working with FreshForex, and through them one is able to get good education as there is whole section for it. But that’s not all, one is able to trade in over 130+ instruments and my favourite part is their 101% Tradable Deposit Bonus, it’s amazing.

  • We should simply avoid getting things complicated and try to be with a broker that’s trustworthy. I go for FreshForex, who are amazing to do with the mighty features and facilities from having low spreads to high leverage, fast execution of trades and there is no issue over slippage, re quote and many more such features making life easier.

  • A believe before we even come to demo account, it is more about the education which makes a huge difference. I feel extremely easy thanks to FreshForex, which got huge educational setup and is what makes it truly amazing and something is so very helpful for the beginners.

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