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    Nowadays, you have to be very careful when choosing brokers since there are very many scams in the money who are after your hard earned money!


    The first thing to check about any broker is their registration information and whether they have displayed their registration/regulation licenses/certificates on their webpage. easyMarkets was established in 2003, previously referred to as ‘Easy Forex’. Its headquarters are in Limassol, Cyprus. It operating licenses in Europe and Australia being regulated by CySEC and ASIC bodies respectively.

    Clients’ feedback and complains

    Another crucial thing to look at is feedback from their clients. The various complains from clients and who the broker responded. This will give you a clear picture of how the broker handles complains as well as the customers’ experience. For easyMarkets broker, the feedback from their clients is awesome. Also, to date, there are no major complains other that the normal questions asked by clients against the broker.

    They also have a FAQ section where their clients can access any frequently asked questions. And if the clients have any other question, easyMarkets offres a variety of ways which the clients can use to communicate, which include: fax, telephone, live chat and email.

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    It is really wonderful broker in the world. It is not scam!

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    I have learned one thing in my life and that is NEVER say something strong like this unless you are sure and that too even if it’s obvious.

    So, I don’t any personal experience about this company, so that’s why I don’t know exactly how good/bad this is. I believe it is vital to judge broker accurately since it’s about our investment that is on the line!

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    I can’t call any company scam like that since I don’t have personal experience. But their reputation is certainly not good. And it only make sense that we work with broker that’s reputed and can trusted upon for our own security and comfort. However, everyone has to make their own choices.

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