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    With many options available for investors, yield farming seems to be very popular among these options. It is another means whereby investors can earn income from investing in digital financial assets.

    Today, we have seen the impact cryptocurrency is making in the financial industry. We are experiencing mind-blowing innovations with the help of cryptocurrency. Taking advantage of these potentials is essential, especially if you are an investor. Liquid mining or yield farming is a sure way of generating incoming using your cryptocurrency.

    Liquid mining allows you to invest in cryptocurrency by putting your funds in a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol. The protocol will enable you to earn interest from your investment and serves as an incentive for users to get additional benefits through tokens.

    Nevertheless, you can’t jump into any yield farming project. You need a platform that supports such a protocol. Today, we have numerous platforms that allow people to get a reward from their cryptocurrency investment.

    However, RiveMont[/URL] is designed to revolutionize the concept of yield farming and utilize its power. RiveMont has created a new liquidity pool staking strategy that allows everyone to invest and reward through cryptocurrency.

    The Uniqueness of the RiveMont Project

    Undeniably, cryptocurrency took the world by storm. However, you can be part of a new project that has the potential of revolutionizing the cryptocurrency industry. The project involves a few dedicated and passionate cryptocurrency developers that want to give investors value for their cryptocurrency asset.

    RiveMont operates like SushiSwap and allows investors to participate in a liquidity pool through the RiveMont native ERC-20 token. The RVMT token allows investors or participants to enjoy benefits, including governance rights and rewards, by contributing to the RiveMont liquidity pool.

    The RiveMont project is built on the premise of becoming the best multi-chain yield farming platform that covers both Binance, Tron, and Ethereum through its different forks. Importantly, investors can enjoy benefits such as acquiring passive income, receiving incentives with excellent annual percentage yields.

    Why join RiveMont?

    With the increasing number of yield farming platforms, this has given rise to fraudulent activities, increasing pooling trading fees, etc. However, RiveMont is offering investors an opportunity to earn their rewards in the form of RVMT tokens.

    Unlike other platforms, we offer our investors an opportunity to continue earning and accumulating their returns in RVMT. It means that even if you are not participating in the liquidity pool, you can still earn.

    Nevertheless, your earning depends on the amount of liquidity providers you had staked against the total amount of liquidity providers token staked.

    Our token is a governance token, which means as a token holder, you have the right:

    • To vote on system parameters
    • To vote on the creation of new markets
    • To the usage of exchange fees
    • To buyback and borrowing rates
    • To the percentage of spread that goes to the pool

    The RiveMont token comes with an initial supply of 100,000 RVMT and an unlimited supply. Furthermore, it is built on the Ethereum (ERC-20) network with 1 RVMT equivalent to 0.001 ETH.

    What the ways you can get RVMT Tokens?

    1. Purchase through the pre-sale: http://rivemont.io/Presale
    2. stake uniswap LP token for earn RVMT
    3. stake RVMT for earn RVMT
    4. buy on exchange (after listed)

    What more do you want?

    RiveMont is the passport to your financial freedom in 2021 with its unique yield farming concept that is geared toward giving investors what they deserve. As a formidable liquidity provider, you are revolutionizing the cryptocurrency industry while reaping financial benefits from your involvement.


    Further Information at:

    Official Website: http://rivemont.io
    Presale Section: http://rivemont.io/Presale

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/_rivemont
    Telegram Group: https://t.me/rivemont_chat
    Telegram Channel: https://t.me/rivemont_official

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